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Best Railroad Snow Removal Services and Cost in Omaha NE
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Railroad snow removal services near Omaha NE: Looking for Railroad snow removal services near Omaha NE? Nebraska Snow Removal is the source for railroad operators are disassembling their snow-removal equipment, assessing how well that equipment functioned and whether repairs or replacements will be necessary for next winter. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Railroad Snow removal Services around Omaha NE. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Metro Railroad & Island Rail Road

Railroad snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Snow-fighting equipment is winterized, tested and positioned strategically throughout both railroads to start operation as soon as snow accumulations begin. Protective heat circuits are verified to be operational, air brake lines are purged of any moisture to prevent them from freezing, and electric trains are fitted with special third rail shoes to prevent snow from accumulating. Metro Railroad covers exposed couplers to keep snow out, treats exposed shoes with deicer, and sprays door panels with an antifreeze agent.

Omaha Rail Road has the following snow-fighting equipment located at various yards around the system ready for deployment:

  • Spreader/Ditcher
  • Cold Air Blowers to clear main track, yards and third rail
  • Stabilizer/Brooms used to clear excessive snow from rails
  • Rail-bound Jets and 2 hi-rail jets (total 9 jet snow blowers)
  • Pickup Truck Plow/Spreaders
  • Snow blowers

Metro Railroad has the following snow-fighting equipment ready to go, located at various yards around the system:

Front-end Loader with thrower

  • 5 Backhoes
  • 6 Cold Air Blowers
  • 3 Rail-bound Jets
  • 2 Tractor Blower/Spreaders
  • 70 Pickup Truck Plows
  • 216 Snow blower

Railroad Maintenance of way: Snow and ice removal products and services

Railroad snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Freight and passenger railroad managers might still be catching their breath after digging out from this past winter’s record-breaking snowfall. But it’s not too early to start planning snow- and ice-removal strategies for next winter.

Taking stock now of what will be necessary to keep trains running and on time during cold and severe weather conditions will help snow and ice removal equipment suppliers ensure they have the products and services that railroads demand.

The winter was unusual not only for shattering snowfall records in cold-weather states, but also for the amount of ice and snow that fell in normally warm-weather states in the South. Railroad managers who planned early and adequately handled the severe weather without major glitches, Noble and other supplier executives said.

Now that spring has arrived, railroad operators are disassembling their snow-removal equipment, assessing how well that equipment functioned and whether repairs or replacements will be necessary for next winter.

I’ve heard a lot of railroads tell us that they will do a fair amount of replacement this year because of so much inefficiency in existing equipment, which manufactures hot-air blowers, crossing gate arms, battery chargers and remote asset monitoring and control systems.

Following is a summary of 10 suppliers’ latest snow and ice-removal products and services, and the other steps they’re taking to address railroads’ winter weather needs.


Railroad snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Customers have been requesting anti-icing and de-icing products and solutions that are safe for the environment, according to Midwest Industrial Supply. So, the company has been offering the Ice Barrier in a couple of limited markets with great success, Noble said in an email. The product can be used on transit systems’ overhead power lines as well as on third rails to control ice. Ice Barrier features a glycerin-based agent, which is safer for the environment, said Noble. Midwest Industrial also offers an Ice Free Switch, an anti-ice that can be applied before snow falls to prevent track switches from icing over. The anti-ice is produced from renewable resources.

In response to customer demand, the company seeks to improve its application equipment, as well. Transit agencies look to us to design equipment to apply the chemicals we sell, Noble said.

One such design, which was brought to Nebraska Snow Removal‘ attention by a customer, is a spray-system modification that applies product to the undercarriage of trains to prevent ice build-up.

Masses of snow or ice can fall from the undercarriage, many times in very inappropriate areas such as switches or road crossings, causing safety concerns, Noble said. The spray will minimize the ability of snow or ice from building up and will act as a release agent so snowpack releases at quicker intervals.

Nebraska Snow Removal recently added a machine-rebuilding service to its product line, which includes the M-7 snow plow for mainline and yard clearing,

We are able to take machines that are 20-plus years old and upgrade them with new cabs, engines and hydraulic systems to bring the units up to a like-new condition, he said.

The M-7 is designed for dual purposes as a snowplow in winter and a ballast regulator in summer. As a snowplow, it’s equipped with snow wings and a snow blower, and can remove snow at speeds up to 30 mph. Because snowplow operators spend so much time outside, a heated cab was added to protect drivers from the elements.


It might be tough to think about the winter especially since Omaha NE is under a heat warning right now but city councilors are preparing to do just that.

A report going before the Civic Works Committee next Tuesday says it’ll cost about 1.6-million dollars, plus another $163,000 to the Omaha NE Transit Commission, to enhance the level of snow clearing service across the city.

That means lowering the snowfall threshold to seven centimeters for road plow deployment, five centimeters for sidewalk plow deployment, and prioritizing school area sidewalks.

This is exactly the kind of thing that people see value for, because they see the difference on their streets in the winter, helped push for the report at the start of the year, after hearing people complain regularly about snow clearing while campaigning last fall.

Adding $1.6-million to the city’s snow clearing budget would equate about a .3 per cent increase in property tax, Lewis explained.

Are we prepared to go the whole way? I think that’s a discussion council needs to have as a whole.

According to the report, deploying snow plows at lower snow accumulations would require more frequent passes through road and sidewalk networks.

London’s head of roadside operations, Nebraska Snow Removal Parsons, said prioritizing sidewalks around school zones will also necessitate need for more equipment.

Just so we’re getting in there early enough, to make a difference, The city currently upholds the provincial minimum standards for clearing snow, which means deploying road plows when there’s 10 centimeters of accumulation, and clearing sidewalks when there’s 8 centimeters.

The report notes that conditions across the city can vary, with snow accumulation on January 10, 2019 reaching 5.3 cm in the east end, and 16.9 cm in the west.

The report says it would cost the city $500,000 to lower the snowfall threshold for road plow deployments from 10 centimeters to 8 centimeters, $760,000 to lower it to 7 centimeters, and $600,000 to lower the threshold for sidewalk snow clearing from 8 centimeters to 5 centimetres.To prioritize school area sidewalks, which means clearing schools’ main entrances earlier, would cost $280,000.

The report is set up like a menu of options, you can pick one or the other, you don’t have to pick them all, you can pick one independently, if that is the choice of council, explained Parsons. The recommendation from staff is simply that the civic works committee reviews its options, the report says the optimal time to make changes would be during 2020-2021, when the road plow and sidewalk plow contracts expire.


Can the City remove the snow they put in my driveway and sidewalk?

When you consider the large number of driveways and the amount of sidewalks within the City, it is just too costly and time consuming to use additional people and equipment to perform this service. Our primary duty is to maintain the roadway system so that traffic flow may continue.

Why not plow to the center of the road?

Piling snow to the center of a street can create a very hazardous situation as traffic flow is restricted by eliminating a portion of a lane. The freeze-thaw cycle creates additional problems when the melting snow freezes on the road surface each evening. This practice can also create sight obstructions for low vehicles and cause problems for residents entering and exiting their driveways.

Can I park my car on the street?

Yes, but when the snow begins to accumulate, we ask that you find an alternative place to park. Vehicles will only be towed when a snow emergency is declared on designated streets where parking is normally allowed. If you are parked on a street designated with “no parking” signage, you may be towed without a declared emergency.

My car has been towed. Where can I find it?

When the City has towed your vehicle, you may call the Police Department for more information.

What are my responsibilities as a resident?

Snow can be beautiful, but it also can create hazards.  When residents fail to clear their sidewalks, the result can be a dangerous ice patch.  We need your help to protect pedestrians from possible injury.


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