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Best Residential Snow Removal Services and Cost in Omaha NE
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Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE: Looking for Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE? Nebraska Snow Removal is the source for help our residential clients create and maintain beautiful and functional landscapes that reflect your taste and style while reducing impact on the environment. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Residential Snow removal Services around Omaha NE. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE:  At Nebraska Snow Removal, we help our residential clients create and maintain beautiful and functional landscapes that reflect your taste and style while reducing impact on the environment. Whether you are interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance services, seasonal color, or hardscape services, Nebraska Snow Removal can help.

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  • Snow Blowing
  • Snow Plowing
  • De-Icing
  • Roof Snow Removal
  • Worry Free Service

Snow Shoveling for Sidewalks, Walkways and Stairs

Ensuring safe access to pedestrian sidewalks, walkways, steps, handicap ramps, and building entrances correlates to a reduction of slip-and-fall accidents. While many of our competitors shy away from providing sidewalk clearing services, we recognize that such services are essential to a comprehensive maintenance program and have invested heavily in this area.

Maintaining clear and safe sidewalks during winter is crucial

We have the ability to bring as many as a dozen workers to any one site to remove snow from walkways, stairs and sidewalks. This is the most critical service we can offer since most slip and falls occur on walkways and stairs. Our Omaha NE service providers travel in a dedicated vehicle specifically for shoveling. This means you don’t have to wait for a plow truck to come back to your property just to shovel the stairs as most other companies do not have separate vehicle for this.

Snow Blowing Services

Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Enjoy the warmth of your home from indoors while we maintain your property over the winter months. Let Nebraska Snow Removal Snow Removal provide complete snow removal services for all access points to and from your home including your driveway, walkways and sidewalks.

Our winter services include but are not limited to:

  • Snow blowing
  • Snow plowing
  • Shoveling of snow
  • Cleaning the sidewalk and business entrances
  • Skid steer work and blowing
  • Snow Hauling

If your business or home has special requirements we’re happy to assist you the best we can. We want to know about your needs and schedule an appropriate service at a convenient time for everyone.

Professional snow plowing down to the very last inch

Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE: We deliver the best and most appropriate snow removal services to meet the specific needs of each property we maintain. We employ the latest available technology in plowing and newer equipment to keep your property open and safe in the worst winter storms.

Our fleet of high performance trucks is outfitted with the best commercial grade plows to clear your lots professional down to the very last inch. From large commercial properties to small townhouses and condominiums, we have all the equipment, materials and tools needed for any size project.

Snow Plowing and Snow Blowing services

Don’t put yourself at risk trying to remove or shovel snow without the proper equipment. Our professional and trusted crew ensures your safety and the livelihood of your customers by clearing all roads and parking areas that lead right to your door. We’ll provide the peace of mind that keeps your business up and running during the craziest Omaha NE winter conditions.


Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE: We would love to sit down with you and talk about our all-season, professional maintenance program. Let Nebraska Snow Removal give your property the ultimate curb appeal.

Have a lawn care needs you don’t see listed? Contact Nebraska Snow Removal to find out what all of your options are. Whatever it takes to get your lawn looking its best, our team of lawn care and landscaping experts can take care of it. Schedule an appointment to get your property looking its seasonal best.


Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Whether you are a property manager or business owner, Nebraska Snow Removal will work with you to address every need, in every season. Our team takes the guesswork out, helping you choose the right services and create a maintenance schedule for your specific, year-round commercial landscaping and snow removal needs. Whether we are responding to an urgent call to clear a downed-tree in a customer parking lot, or handling the hiring of (and carrying the insurance for) a respected subcontractor, you can lean on Nebraska Snow Removal’ expertise every time.

We will help your business present the best image to the public welcoming visitors, clients, patients, tenants, and employees with beautifully designed and maintained landscape and grounds. With Nebraska Snow Removal, you can know you have a trusted partner on your side. Let us focus on creating the perfect outdoor space, year-round while you do the important work of growing your company.


​Nebraska Snow Removal is your go-to resource for year-long commercial landscaping, lawn care and property maintenance needs. We have a solution for every season and every business.

Snow-Fighting Equipment

Snow Throwers – Precise directional snow-throwing equipment. Includes a two-stage impeller and side mounted rotating brushes to throw snow up to 200 feet; can remove 3,000 tons of snow an hour. This is similar to a household snow-blower, just a lot bigger.

Jet Blowers – This equipment uses a jet engine to remove accumulated snow from the roadbed and deposit it a distance from the tracks so that it cannot slide back. This piece of equipment is used primarily to keep the yards clear.

De-Icer Cars – Equipped with scraper shoes that scrape off ice and also uses pumping equipment to dispense a stream of nontoxic, biodegradable de-icing fluid to prevent ice buildup on the third rail. If ice is permitted to build up, subway car power pickup equipment will not be able to draw electric current from the third rail and the train will stop.

Work Cars – Heated/Insulated work cars that can be used to carry crews and equipment to snow removal work sites. These cars are equipped with ice-scraping equipment to help keep the third rail clear. These cars are also designated Storm Emergency Train (SET) Riders, which can be used to rescue passengers if stranded.

Diesel Locomotives – All Diesel Locomotives are equipped with a small snow plow at both ends to assist in scraping snow and ice off the road bed and transporting the other snow removal work cars. Additional diesel locomotives are also equipped with shoe beams that allow crews to mount scraper shoes for third-rail de-icing.

Residential Snow Removal Services Cost

Average contract price for snow removal

According to Cost Helper, the cost for one worker to shovel or snow blower can cost between $25 to $75 an hour. The cost to hire a company to plow a standard driveway after a storm can run about $30 to $45 per storm.

Snow Removal Prices

Removing snow from your home costs an average of $110 with a typical range of $48 and $173. Larger properties with longer drives, more sidewalks or requiring roof clearing can run upwards of $400 or more. Hiring someone to plow costs $30 to $50 per visit while sidewalk shoveling or snow blowing runs $25 to $75 per hour. Most companies also clear roofs for an additional $250 to $500.

Living in a colder climate inevitably means dealing with the snow. While it may look pretty and can be fun for kids to play in, it can be a headache – or backache – to deal with when it comes to your driveway or sidewalks. On average, 11,500 people go to the emergency room each year in the US with shoveling-related injuries – from strains to heart attacks. Hiring a plowing professional to take care of it can save a lot of time, hassle and pain.

Snow Removal Service Costs

Though most professionals charge seasonal or event prices from $50 to $450 or more, they almost always figure costs based on hourly rates. Pricing is figured by how long it will take one person to move a certain amount of snow in an hour plus equipment and overhead.

Snow Removal Pricing Calculator

Professionals charge using multiple cost models. They don’t charge per square foot but do almost all their pricing by figuring the amount one person can move in one hour plus overhead and equipment costs.

Pricing is done one of the following ways:

Per hour – $25 to $75. Usually used for manual removal with shovels or blowers/throwers.

Per season – $350 to $450. Typically has an upward limit of visits/clearings.

Per event – $30 to $75. A snowstorm is an event. This pricing method is typical in areas with either short periods or not much total annual accumulation.

Per push/visit – $30 – $50. Each time the area is cleared, even if it’s multiple times per storm.

Per inch – $60 to $95. This is typical for up to 6 inches of snow. Add $30 for each additional 6 inches.

Snow Plow Rates

Plowing runs $30 to $95 per visit. You can also hire them on a seasonal basis for $350 to $450 with a maximum limit of visits per season.

Snow Shoveling Prices

Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE:  The average homeowner can expect to pay $25 to $75 per hour for shoveling services per crew member.

This is one area that homeowners can consider hiring less-experienced local providers. Though you may be tempted to hire the neighbor’s kid, consider who ends up paying for the scratched car or torn lawn if something goes wrong. Always hire a service that provides guarantees and insured work.

Snow Blowing Estimates

Snow blowing services tend to run about the same as shoveling services or $25 to $75 per hour. In some cases, the two are synonymous. The service has slightly more overhead with gas and equipment costs, but they make up for this with the volume of work they can accomplish.

Salt Application Rates

Residential snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Expect to pay $20 to $40 per application. Some areas require that sidewalks remain clear and free of ice for public use, especially if you’re near public spaces like schools and parks. HOA’s typically cover some or all the plowing as part of the HOA fees. Check with you homeowner’s association and city government for what is and is not your responsibility.


  1. What happens when it starts to snow?

The Omaha NE subscribes to an advanced weather forecasting service. Depending upon the timing and nature of the pending storm, crews are brought in and put on stand-by. Once the storm starts, salt trucks are sent out on designated salt routes to apply salt as necessary.

  1. Why do I never see a salt truck when it snows?

It all depends upon where you live. The City’s main salt routes are maintained by 21 vehicles covering 1,067 lane kilometers or road at a cost of approximately $12,000/hour. Depending upon the time of day, traffic volumes and snowfall amounts, the average routes can take between 3 and 6 hours to complete one pass. The trucks will continue back over these routes until the storm has stopped and these streets are clear of snow and ice.

  1. Why don’t we plow and salt all the streets in the City, specifically secondary and residential streets?

Secondary and residential streets are not plowed and salted unless the City has received a snowfall in excess of 10 centimeters (4 inches). The cost to plow and salt all residential streets is in excess of $300,000 per event. A balanced level of service according to the roadway classification and traffic volumes reduces both equipment costs and salt usage. This balanced level of service has long proven to be the most efficient with respect to maximizing the available tax dollars and minimizing environmental damage.

  1. Why do you not use sand for winter control?

Salt is a very effective de-icing agent and is effective to temperatures as low as -12oC (10oF). Sand has no de-icing properties. It is mainly used where winter temperatures are continually below -12oC (10oF). Sand is an abrasive substance and is used to increase traction for vehicles. However, cleanup of sand from roadways and sewers throughout the municipality proves cost prohibitive.

  1. Why does the plow not remove all of the snow from my road?

The plows are designed to ride on guides (shoes) that raise the blade approximately 13 millimeters (0.5 inches) from the surface of the roadway. This is done to prevent damage to both the vehicle and infrastructure from raised manholes, catch basins or water valves. Once the street has been plowed and salted, the interaction of the salt and vehicular traffic is required to melt the remaining snow cover. Streets with low traffic volumes will therefore remain snow covered longer.

  1. Why do the plows always push snow into my driveway?

For a resident this can be quite annoying, but unfortunately it cannot be helped. The snow must be removed from the travelled portion of the road. When the City receives a heavy snowfall, if possible, do not shovel your driveway until after the plow has gone by. If you must shovel do not throw the snow out onto the roadway as you may create a hazard for another vehicle, and if an accident were to occur you might be held liable.

  1. Why don’t you clean my driveway?

The City does not clean driveways for two reasons:

  • There are approximately 70,000 driveways in the City. The cost to clean all the driveways would be over $300,000 per snow event.
  • The liability to the City for damage to the driveway approaches is cost prohibitive.
  1. I only have on-street parking. Why do you always plow snow against my car?

The City must remove the snow from the travelled portion of the road. On a two-way street where there is only parking on one side, the plow operator cannot push the snow away from the parked car into oncoming traffic, as it would create a hazard and liability. Snow is always pushed away from oncoming traffic. When heavy snowfalls are predicted, residents are asked where possible not to park on the roads. This is done to reduce the chance of plowing in parked vehicles, eliminating the chance of damaging vehicles and allowing for a more efficient plowing operation. The City realizes that not all residents have driveways and all attempts are made by the City to clean the off-street parking lots for those residents.


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