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Best Retails Store Snow Removal Services and Cost in Omaha NE
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Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE: Looking for Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE? Nebraska Snow Removal is the source for retail shop or manage a larger commercial property for a shopping mall, strip mall or another type of retail center, it is important to have a plan in place before the first snowfall for commercial snow removal. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Retails Store Snow removal Services around Omaha NE. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Commercial Snow Removal Services in Omaha NE for Retail Shops

Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE: Whether you own a stand-alone retail shop or manage a larger commercial property for a shopping mall, strip mall or another type of retail center, it is important to have a plan in place before the first snowfall for commercial snow removal. Snow removal services are the best way to reduce liability risks associated with snow and ice hazards on your commercial property, protecting you from lawsuits due to neglect.

It can be difficult to have your in-house staff take over duties for shoveling walkways, clearing out parking lots, and maintaining entrances in addition to their regular daily work orders and services. In addition, the cost to purchase all of the equipment and safety gear necessary to do the work effectively and efficiently can be quite expensive. As a result, outsourcing Omaha NE snow removal to a reputable company is the best solution for most retail businesses.

Adhering to Local Law

Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE:  In addition to making sure that your parking lots and driveways stay open for business during the winter months, there are also legal considerations when it comes to snow removal in Omaha, NE region. There are different requirements for each state, which can be a real challenge for business owners who have properties throughout the Omaha NE area. Hiring a team to provide professional snow removal services that specialize in commercial snow removal in the local area has some significant benefits. Their knowledge and experience of local laws regarding Omaha NE snow removal for local, county, and state government regulations can be advantageous.

Each government entity and the corresponding court in different states will come to different conclusions regarding liability for snow and ice hazards. They take into consideration different facts, such as how long the snow or ice remained on the property, where the injury or property damage occurred, how the snow or ice accumulated in the location, as well as any behaviors of the injured party that may have caused the incident to occur. Your legal obligations according to statutes and legal doctrines for your local area will also be taken into consideration, so it is important to protect yourself from liabilities by using reputable commercial snow removal services wherever your property is located. To be certain, you may want to hire an attorney to ensure that you are living up to your legal obligations in every way.

Finding a Professional Service

Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Locating a company that offers Omaha NE snow removal according to your needs and property requirements is important. There are a variety of different snow removal services to consider, based upon your unique situation. You will want to work with a professional service who can meet your demands and fit within your budget. Trustworthy, reliable, and dependable are just a few of the words that should be used to describe a company that offers snow removal in Omaha NE. You don’t want to lose business the day after a significant snowfall because your commercial snow removal provider flaked out on you. Check references, get referrals, and ask around about the reputation of the snow removal services provider before you sign any type of service contract.

The company should be prepared to remove snow and ice hazards on an as-needed basis, make themselves available to you following a big snowfall, and maintain safety standards with de-icing products and other services, according to the needs of your business. Retail shopping malls will require different services than stand-alone shops. That being said, office complexes, hospitals, industrial properties, and residential developments will all require different snow removal services as well. Working with a company that has experience and knowledge of the needs for your type of business is extremely helpful, especially if you aren’t sure what you will require to meet the demands of local laws and ordinances.

Contact Nebraska Snow Removal. For Snow Removal in Omaha NE

If you own a business or commercial residential property in Omaha NE, anywhere in the surrounding South Coast region, contact Nebraska Snow Removal. For a FREE estimate on any of our commercial snow removal services. We provide top quality snow removal services in the local area for a variety of different industries. We have the manpower, equipment, and knowledge necessary to remove snow and ice hazards from your property while protecting your asphalt paving from damage. Get more information about Omaha NE snow removal or to speak with one of our team members about any of the other professional commercial and residential services we provide.

Commercial Property Snow Removal

Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE:  At Nebraska Snow Removal, we specialize in snow removal for your business or commercial property. As a business owner, your customers need to have free and clear access to your establishment at all times. Not only do we remove unwanted snow quickly and thoroughly, but we also clear away blocked entrances and salt icy pathways. We specialize in servicing both small and large commercial clients, such as:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartment complexes
  • Retail stores
  • Small businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Office complexes

Why Partner with a Commercial Snow Removal Company for Your Retail Business

Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE:  Nebraska Snow Removal Commercial Snow Removal Services If you’re in retail, every inch of snow that gathers outside your storefront might as well be replaced by dollar bills that could instead be going into your register. Why? Because the more snow that accumulates on the ground, the less likely it is that customers will choose to pull into your lot, or even be able to for that matter. However, when you partner with a commercial snow removal company like Nebraska Snow Removal, customers won’t have any issues visiting your retail business. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to keep the lights on, the doors open, and customers coming in no matter how many inches of snow may have fallen around your property.

Because when it comes to your sidewalks, pathways and parking lot, they’ll all be clear. As long as Nebraska Snow Removal is your trusted partner in commercial snow removal, you won’t have any problems doing business when a snow event comes ripping through the region.

Here are a few reasons to choose our experienced staff for commercial snow removal this winter:

24-Hour Snow & Ice Removal Services

There’s no need to grab a shovel or even a bag of salt when a snow event is in the forecast. After requesting a free onsite evaluation, we’ll design an emergency snow response plan tailored exclusively to your business.

From anti-icing, snow plowing and disposal to deicing and a comprehensive follow-up, our staff will handle everything from start to finish. This way, you can continue to focus on what matters most: running your business and managing your staff, inventory, and other more important functions.

Snow Removal Technology App

Our approach to commercial snow removal is powered by the latest technology. As such, you’ll have access to our customized snow removal technology app, making it easier than ever to view a detailed checklist regarding your site and weather conditions, as well as receive invoices and official sign-offs.

In addition, our staff will use this app to monitor everything that’s happening in the field and ensure proper documentation. This is just one more way Nebraska Snow Removal is leading the way, offering unparalleled communication and efficiency to our clients.

A Team of Trained Professionals

Each member of the Nebraska Snow Removal’ team undergoes extensive year-round training so that our clients enjoy a superior customer service experience. We believe preparation is the key to exceeding our clients’ expectations something we’ve been doing for more than 20 years.

Choosing an experienced crew over amateurs will give you confidence knowing the possibility of an accident at your retail store is significantly reduced. Legal fees or increased insurance premiums are two things you want to avoid at all costs.


  • Basic Removal Company
  • Fixed Fee
  • Per Inch
  • Per Push
  • Per Event

Snow Removal Services Contracts


A removal contract is a set-it-and-forget-it way of dealing with snowfall. They’re worth the investment whether you get year-round accumulation or only experience a couple of months of wintry weather.

Type and scope vary depending on your location, the area you need cleared and any specific needs you have. Agreements are almost always customizable with a combination of sanding or salting and sidewalk, lot or driveway clearing.

They come in five basic types:

Fixed Fee: $350 to $450+ – one fee for the entire season. Often with a visit cap.

Per Inch: variable – based on actual accumulation totals.

Per Push: $30 to $50 – also known as per visit, this is a standard trip fee.

Per Event: $50 to $80 – charged by snowstorm, regardless of the number of visits needed.

Time and Materials: $25 to $75 per hour + materials – figured by actual time and materials used.

Basic Removal or Snow Plowing Contracts

Retails Store snow removal services near Omaha NE: Basic contracts all include simple moving or removing. All are tailored to your specific situation.

Basic contracts include clearing short drives, typically less than 60 feet in length. This is usually for driveways, parking lots and private roads. Short drives and sidewalks have the option of shoveling or snow blowing.

Often used interchangeably, plowing and removal sometimes refer to two different things.

  • Plowing is pushing it out of the way but leaving it on-site.
  • Removal uses trucks and loaders to remove the piles to another location.

Fixed Fee

These agreements include one fee of $350 to $450 or more for the entire season and entail any services you and your provider agree on. Fixed fee contracts are common. The actual costs vary depending on the average annual snowfall your region gets.

Combine lawn care and snow removal. These companies offer year-round contracts that include both winter and summer services, or let you roll over unused winter services for lawn care.

Per Inch

With the uncertainty of accumulation, many providers steer away from this type. It’s tough to budget and takes longer to calculate.

Per inch contracts often charge a flat fee for a certain bracket of snowfall. For instance, one pro might charge a fee up to 6 inches. Another may charge one rate for 1-3 inches then another for 3-6 inches.

Inches are determined by local weather stations. This avoids arguments over how much snow fell.

Per Push or Per Visit

You are charged for each visit to your home. For example, if it snows for 12 hours and the professional makes two trips to your home, you’re charged for two pushes. It’s often in the $30 to $50 range per push or visit for residential services, though pricing increases with more snowfall.

Per Event

Event, or per snowstorm, pricing is a less common type since it is tough for the professional to budget for. This type involves a flat rate for each event, regardless of how many inches fall or visits to your home.


What happens when it starts to snow?

Omaha NE subscribes to an advanced weather forecasting service. Depending upon the timing and nature of the pending storm, crews are brought in and put on stand-by. Once the storm starts, salt trucks are sent out on designated salt routes to apply salt as necessary.

Why do I never see a salt truck when it snows?

It all depends upon where you live. The City’s main salt routes are maintained by 21 vehicles covering 1,067 lane kilometers or road at a cost of approximately $12,000/hour. Depending upon the time of day, traffic volumes and snowfall amounts, the average routes can take between 3 and 6 hours to complete one pass. The trucks will continue back over these routes until the storm has stopped and these streets are clear of snow and ice.

Why don’t we plow and salt all the streets in the City, specifically secondary and residential streets?

Secondary and residential streets are not plowed and salted unless the City has received a snowfall in excess of 10 centimeters (4 inches). The cost to plow and salt all residential streets is in excess of $300,000 per event. A balanced level of service according to the roadway classification and traffic volumes reduces both equipment costs and salt usage. This balanced level of service has long proven to be the most efficient with respect to maximizing the available tax dollars and minimizing environmental damage.

Why do you not use sand for winter control?

Salt is a very effective de-icing agent and is effective to temperatures as low as -12oC (10oF). Sand has no de-icing properties. It is mainly used where winter temperatures are continually below -12oC (10oF). Sand is an abrasive substance and is used to increase traction for vehicles. However, cleanup of sand from roadways and sewers throughout the municipality proves cost prohibitive.

Why does the plow not remove all of the snow from my road?

The plows are designed to ride on guides (shoes) that raise the blade approximately 13 millimeters (0.5 inches) from the surface of the roadway. This is done to prevent damage to both the vehicle and infrastructure from raised manholes, catch basins or water valves. Once the street has been plowed and salted, the interaction of the salt and vehicular traffic is required to melt the remaining snow cover. Streets with low traffic volumes will therefore remain snow covered longer.

Why do the plows always push snow into my driveway?

For a resident this can be quite annoying, but unfortunately it cannot be helped. The snow must be removed from the travelled portion of the road. When the City receives a heavy snowfall, if possible, do not shovel your driveway until after the plow has gone by. If you must shovel do not throw the snow out onto the roadway as you may create a hazard for another vehicle, and if an accident were to occur you might be held liable.

Why don’t you clean my driveway?

The City does not clean driveways for two reasons:

  • There are approximately 70,000 driveways in the City. The cost to clean all the driveways would be over $300,000 per snow event.
  • The liability to the City for damage to the driveway approaches is cost prohibitive.

I only have on-street parking. Why do you always plow snow against my car?

The City must remove the snow from the travelled portion of the road. On a two-way street where there is only parking on one side, the plow operator cannot push the snow away from the parked car into oncoming traffic, as it would create a hazard and liability. Snow is always pushed away from oncoming traffic. When heavy snowfalls are predicted, residents are asked where possible not to park on the roads. This is done to reduce the chance of plowing in parked vehicles, eliminating the chance of damaging vehicles and allowing for a more efficient plowing operation. The City realizes that not all residents have driveways and all attempts are made by the City to clean the off-street parking lots for those residents.

Who removes the snow from sidewalks?

Owners or tenants of commercial properties have 4 hours following the snowfall or formation of ice. Clear sidewalks are essential for many citizens, especially those with disabilities, people who enjoy walking as a form of exercise and children who walk to and from school. Snow covered sidewalks increase the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.


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