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Shopping Center Snow Removal Services

Best Shopping Center Snow Removal Services and Cost in Omaha NE
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Shopping Center snow removal services near Omaha NE: Looking for Shopping Center snow removal services near Omaha NE? Nebraska Snow Removal is the source for recognizes that you take pride in managing your shopping center and that safety, along with a welcoming atmosphere, is important. As a result, we provide quality landscaping and commercial snow removal services for shopping centers that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Shopping Center Snow removal Services around Omaha NE. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Commercial Services for Shopping Centers

Shopping Center snow removal services near Omaha NE: Heavy foot traffic is music to the ears of every shopping center owner or manager. Frequent customers are the life-blood for your tenants’ businesses. With thousands of visitors weekly from local and surrounding communities, it is important that your center generate a positive impression to each of them. The Omaha NE team recognizes that you take pride in managing your shopping center and that safety, along with a welcoming atmosphere, is important. As a result, we provide quality landscaping and commercial snow removal services for shopping centers that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

When spring arrives, our immediate goal is to perform spring clean-up and get your shopping center’s grounds presentable. Our commercial landscape services for shopping centers include edging and mulching any existing beds and installing eye-pleasing flowers as soon as the weather is favorable. Throughout the growing season, the Omaha NE team will keep your shrubs pruned and your planting beds and islands weed free. If your shopping center requires any turf maintenance, our team will be cognizant of cars in the parking lot and mow responsibly.

During the winter months, Nebraska Snow Removal delivers reliable, economical and sustainable commercial snow removal services. You can rely on us to keep your parking lot and sidewalks plowed and salted, helping protect your visitors and tenants from safety hazards. A well-maintained property provides consumers a more enjoyable experience while out in the elements of a Northeast Ohio winter encouraging repeat visits. The Omaha NE team recognizes that it is our responsibility that your tenants can open their stores and service their customers on even some of the most challenging winter days.

As an owner or manager of a shopping center, you likely are not onsite daily. Having a reputable company like Nebraska Snow Removal on your property allows you peace of mind that services are being performed properly and on-time and any safety hazards are being reported. Regardless of the season, Nebraska Snow Removal will partner with you to ensure satisfied tenants and consumers. Contact us to learn more about our snow removal and commercial landscape services for shopping centers.

Nebraska Snow Removal provides customized snow removal and ice management services for commercial properties in Omaha NE. We provide these additional winter weather services to our clients which we already service throughout the year. When winter arrives, inclement weather can create dangerous conditions for our client’s residents and visitors.

Our goal is to protect everyone who spends time on your commercial property, and minimize your organization’s chance of being exposed to snow and ice-related hazards such as slips, falls, traffic accidents, and property damage.

Snow Removal & Ice Management Services

We offer a variety of carefully planned and executed services to remediate snowy and icy conditions on your commercial property’s roadways, parking lots, steps, and sidewalks. These services include:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Excessive Snow Removal
  • Snowplowing
  • Preventative Surface Treatments
  • De-icer and Salt Applications

We clear parking lots, roadways, walkways, sidewalks, and handicap ramps for all types of commercial properties:

  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Small Offices to Large Office Parks
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Condominium and Apartment Complexes

Here are some of the things we can guarantee you:

  • We offer a full array of snow removal services and ice management solutions.
  • Our company is properly insured to guard against any service incidents.
  • We have plenty of reliable equipment that is regularly maintained.
  • Our staff is held accountable. We track their location and train them to be safe.
  • Our clients have great things to say about us. Just ask, and we’ll show you.

With our fleet of plow trucks, salt spreaders, loaders, snow blowers, scrapers, di-icing tools and more we are ready to tackle all of your commercial snow and ice removal needs. All of our equipment is manned by well-trained crews that know the right methods and techniques to carefully clear away your snow and ice.

Cost of Shopping centers snow removal

Shopping Center snow removal services near Omaha NE: Typically speaking commercial snow removal cost depends on the type of snow removal contract you choose. Costs can range from $175.00 per hr. for a pickup truck with a snow plow to $225,000.00 for a seasonal contract for full service snow removal and ice control for a mid-sized shopping center.

Snow removal contracts in Omaha NE are typically quoted in one of four price structures: Per Push, Per Inch, Time & Materials (aka: T&M) and Seasonal. Some include variations of the four.

Some property managers prefer to pay per push: snow falls, the crew clears their grounds, and they receive a bill.

Other clients like shopping centers want to know what the cost for snow services will be every month. So a seasonal contract is utilized more often, plus they aren’t thinking about invoices from a contractor every time the snow flies.

At the end of the day, the way you pay for the service is not the real issue. It’s about making sure you mitigate liability and provide a safe environment. You want surfaces to be clear of snow and ice on time and continuously during storms so that the people who live, work and play on the property stay safe.


Shopping Center snow removal services near Omaha NE: This contract is for the property manager that wants to pay for snow removal services if and when the snow falls. If there’s no snow, these clients are not billed. But if the snow begins, our crews are on call once accumulation is 2 inches or more. Two inches of snow is generally when we push the go button, unless you’re on a robust full-service plan see below.

At Nebraska Snow Removal, we structure the per-push pricing based on snow depth. There’s a price per push for 2-4 inches, 4-6 inches and 6-8 inches of snow.

That’s because we know that our team will spend a lot more time clearing 6 inches of snow from a retail parking lot than 2 inches. The snow is heavier, and there’s more of it to maneuver around the property.

Response time is critical in this industry we always aim to clear 2 inches rather than 8. We don’t want the snow to build up on your property. Big storms will require multiple pushes per property to ensure it stays clear and safe.

The clients who generally prefer a per-push contract are often retail property managers. They like the service delivered in an itemized way a monthly tab of snow events and times of service to be itemized with CAM’s.

And, these clients may benefit if we have a mild winter. However, because our seasonal agreements are three-year contracts, clients don’t win by choosing per-push or seasonal. The choice mostly comes down to budgeting. Do you want to pay a fixed price, or per push?


Time and Materials contracts are billed as they are described. You pay an hourly fee per pickup truck with a snow plow, per dump truck with a snow plow, per salt truck, per snow blower, per labor hour to clear sidewalks, per ton of salt etc

The draw back to T & M contracts is that there is not a way to budget accurately.

SEASONAL CONTRACT (2- To 3-Year Agreement)

Our seasonal contracts include a fixed price per month for snow services, and the contracts are active during the four winter months in Omaha NE for three years. We find that a multi-year contract give clients the best value.

The constant price is what property managers and other commercial sites love about seasonal contracts. They don’t have to worry about snow removal costs spiking from December to March. The bill is always the same.


  1. What happens when it starts to snow?

Omaha NE subscribes to an advanced weather forecasting service. Depending upon the timing and nature of the pending storm, crews are brought in and put on stand-by. Once the storm starts, salt trucks are sent out on designated salt routes to apply salt as necessary.

  1. Why do I never see a salt truck when it snows?

It all depends upon where you live. The City’s main salt routes are maintained by 21 vehicles covering 1,067 lane kilometers or road at a cost of approximately $12,000/hour. Depending upon the time of day, traffic volumes and snowfall amounts, the average routes can take between 3 and 6 hours to complete one pass. The trucks will continue back over these routes until the storm has stopped and these streets are clear of snow and ice.

  1. How do you decide what street on these main salt routes?

The main salt routes comprise of the E.C. Row Expressway, arterial roads and collector roads, as defined by traffic volumes, fire/hospital emergency routes and Transit Windsor bus routes.

  1. Why don’t we plow and salt all the streets in the City, specifically secondary and residential streets?

Secondary and residential streets are not plowed and salted unless the City has received a snowfall in excess of 10 centimeters (4 inches). The cost to plow and salt all residential streets is in excess of $300,000 per event. A balanced level of service according to the roadway classification and traffic volumes reduces both equipment costs and salt usage. This balanced level of service has long proven to be the most efficient with respect to maximizing the available tax dollars and minimizing environmental damage.

  1. Why do you not use sand for winter control?

Salt is a very effective de-icing agent and is effective to temperatures as low as -12oC (10oF). Sand has no de-icing properties. It is mainly used where winter temperatures are continually below -12oC (10oF). Sand is an abrasive substance and is used to increase traction for vehicles. However, cleanup of sand from roadways and sewers throughout the municipality proves cost prohibitive.

  1. Why does the plow not remove all of the snow from my road?

The plows are designed to ride on guides (shoes) that raise the blade approximately 13 millimeters (0.5 inches) from the surface of the roadway. This is done to prevent damage to both the vehicle and infrastructure from raised manholes, catch basins or water valves. Once the street has been plowed and salted, the interaction of the salt and vehicular traffic is required to melt the remaining snow cover. Streets with low traffic volumes will therefore remain snow covered longer.

  1. Why do the plows always push snow into my driveway?

For a resident this can be quite annoying, but unfortunately it cannot be helped. The snow must be removed from the travelled portion of the road. When the City receives a heavy snowfall, if possible, do not shovel your driveway until after the plow has gone by. If you must shovel do not throw the snow out onto the roadway as you may create a hazard for another vehicle, and if an accident were to occur you might be held liable.

  1. Why don’t you clean my driveway?

The City does not clean driveways for two reasons:

There are approximately 70,000 driveways in the City. The cost to clean all the driveways would be over $300,000 per snow event.

The liability to the City for damage to the driveway approaches is cost prohibitive.

  1. I only have on-street parking. Why do you always plow snow against my car?

The City must remove the snow from the travelled portion of the road. On a two-way street where there is only parking on one side, the plow operator cannot push the snow away from the parked car into oncoming traffic, as it would create a hazard and liability. Snow is always pushed away from oncoming traffic. When heavy snowfalls are predicted, residents are asked where possible not to park on the roads. This is done to reduce the chance of plowing in parked vehicles, eliminating the chance of damaging vehicles and allowing for a more efficient plowing operation. The City realizes that not all residents have driveways and all attempts are made by the City to clean the off-street parking lots for those residents.


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