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Best Snow Relocation Services and Cost in Omaha NE
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Snow Relocation services near Omaha NE: Looking for Snow Relocation services near Omaha NE? Nebraska Snow Removal is the source for we move the snow piles to an area in which it doesn’t impact the business. Some properties have parking spots allocated for this purpose, while others prefer to make a large pile in a back corner or on the lawn. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Snow Relocation Services around Omaha NE. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Commercial Snow Relocation Services Omaha NE

Snow Relocation services near Omaha NE: Professional Snow Relocation Services As part of our Commercial Snow Relocation Services Omaha NE, we move the snow piles to an area in which it doesn’t impact the business. Some properties have parking spots allocated for this purpose, while others prefer to make a large pile in a back corner or on the lawn. In instances where there is no place to store snow, we use loaders and dump trucks to move that snow to other areas of your property, or truck it away to leave you with even more usable space. This is important for property owners with smaller locations, as it means important hubs can be cleared in a consolidated time frame, thereby providing unimpeded access to the property.

If you have a limited number of parking spots in your lot, then snow relocation may be necessary after big snowfalls in order to make space for cars. We have numerous loaders ranging from 1-3 cubic yards which will be used to get the job done properly and efficiently. Snow may be relocated to another area of your property, or we can truck it away.

Snow relocation may also be required to avoid freezing of runoff water when piles start to melt, which can cause dangerous and icy surfaces.

These services can be a part of your customized contract or can be provided if and when required at an extra cost.

Plowing snow into huge piles on your property can take up valuable space. It can also be detrimental to your bottom line. Stock piled snow can conceal signage and can be unappealing to your visitors and spectators. It can also be hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians during the thawing and freezing phases.

The big snowfall can hit with little warning. When it does, you can count on Interstate snow relocation services to keep your site safe and accessible. We keep the necessary resources on hand around the clock for prompt snow removal and relocation.

  • We do our relocation work after business hours for increased crew productivity.
  • Our blower systems can eliminate pushing snow over curbs onto grassy areas.
  • Relocation provides more parking spaces and optimizes driver and pedestrian safety.
  • Snow relocation eliminates ice buildup and reduces the need for chemical applications.

Snow Relocation services near Omaha NE: Snow can accumulate very quickly in bad winter storms.  This is where Nebraska Snow Removal can help you plan ahead with our snow relocation services.

What is snow relocation?  When the designated piles of snow get too high, we relocate the snow piles to another location on your property. This ensures a complete view of your buildings from passing traffic on the roads nearby. It also allows for safe driving with clear vision while driving within your lot.

If snow is an issue for your property, contact Nebraska Snow Removal today for a free estimate.  We’ll make sure your property is clear of snow leaving you available to do what you do best; servicing your customers.

A nice heavy snowfall can turn your home into a winter-wonderland, but with heavy snow comes some heavy lifting and back-breaking work. In areas where it snows regularly, many households and businesses prefer to sign a contract with a company that provides snow removal throughout the winter season.

Cost of Snow Removal

Costs for removal of up to six inches of snow start between $75 and $95. Some contractors will charge a lower fee for removal of smaller amounts, such as two inches. A good rule of thumb for any removal project over six inches is to add $30 per additional half-foot of snow. So, removal of six inches might start at $85, while removal of 18 inches would cost $145. Many contractors require a deposit, usually around $50 at the beginning of the season. This deposit is generally refunded at the end of the season if the customer does not cancel.

Cost Factors of Snow Removal

Snow Relocation services near Omaha NE: There are some important cost factors to consider when budgeting for a snow removal service. Below is a breakdown of what goes into the overall cost for a snow plowing service:

The size of your driveway will greatly affect the overall cost of your snow removal. Expect to pay more if you have a longer driveway or even a four-stall garage. The larger the space, the more snow there is to remove; the more snow there is to remove the longer it will take. Also, if your driveway has any steep slopes or curvy cuts around landscape, expect your snow plowing cost to rise.

Households with longer driveways and businesses with large parking lots are typically assessed additional charges based upon the total space in question. Most contractors define an overly long driveway as being 70 feet or longer in total distance. Additional treatments with materials other than salt may also be available, especially in regions that experience temperatures well below zero.

Amount of Snowfall

It can be tough to predict the weather, but the amount of snow you receive every winter will be the main cost factor for your snow removal project. The more snow you get, the longer the removal will take, the more it will cost.


The total snowfall tends to also be a factor. In most heavy snow regions, contracts may include higher rates for snow amounts greater than six inches. This is because the extra snow builds up faster in the plow and requires the contractor to take smaller swipes, ultimately costing the contractor extra time, fuel and wear and tear on equipment.

Additional Work 

When you’re getting estimates from snow plow contractors, remember to include any other areas you’d like cleared, such as any sidewalks, walkways, porches or patios. These areas might already be included in the overall price but always ask just to be sure. Also, ask about a salting treatment service. Typically, this will cost about $40 per session and include sidewalks.


Why doesn’t the County plow my street when they go by?

Routes are plowed on a priority basis with arterial roadways, collector roadways, and school routes being top priorities. Clearing those roadways first enables emergency services to gain access into all residential areas normally with a few blocks of each residence.

Are route plowed after every storm?

Local streets and route are plowed after every storm unless the snow is expected to melt over the following 24 hours. An exception is made if the street has hills and curves that could become hazardous to motorists.  On heavy storms, snow may not be removed until the following day after arterials and collectors are plowed.

Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks?

Residents are responsible for clearing driveways and sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowstorm to allow safe use by pedestrians. This is particularly important along school pedestrian routes to prevent children from having to walk in the street.   It is required that owners place snow from their driveways and sidewalks onto their front yard and not into the street. This practice reduces the number of icy areas on streets and ensures proper drainage flow into the storm sewer. Additionally, your lawn can use the available moisture over the winter.

After the storm, the snowplow came through and pushed snow back into my driveway entrance, why?

Cleanup and widening operations often take place one to four days after the snowstorm, depending upon the severity of the storm and wind conditions. It is often necessary to widen roads to ensure that ice and snow melt from the pavement surface to keep driving lanes open.  Unfortunately, subsequent widening operations may push snow back onto sidewalks and driveways.

Who is responsible for damaged mailboxes?

Mailboxes installed along roadways are at the risk of the owner. Mailboxes damaged from lack of owner maintenance, heavy snow plowing, or vandalism is not the responsibility of the County. Postal regulations require residents to clear snow from in front of mailboxes to allow for mail delivery. Douglas County encourages the clustering of individual mailboxes to minimize potential damage during snowstorms and allows for mail to be delivered efficiently. 

How many Snow Removal Districts are in unincorporated Douglas County and what equipment is available?

Douglas County has six snow removal districts located geographically throughout the County. Each district has assigned personnel and equipment with responsibility for the roads within that particular district. Douglas County snow plow units are white with the Douglas County logo. Motor graders are yellow with the Douglas County logo on the side.