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Medical Facility Snow Removal Services

Best Medical Facility Snow Removal Services and Cost in Omaha NE
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Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE: Looking for Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE? Nebraska Snow Removal is the source for we can help you get rid of snow in pavements, sidewalks, parking spots, Medical Center and other areas within a facility. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Medical Facility Snow removal Services around Omaha NE. Medical Facility Snow Removal specialized snow removal service can make advance plans for coming storm. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Keep Your Medical Facility Open through the Snow and Ice

Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE: When winter weather strikes, snow and ice can quickly overwhelm a property and bring it to a standstill. Healthcare and Medical facilities can’t shut down just because of a bad snow storm. You need a trusted company to make sure that snow and ice don’t prevent you from staying open, even in the midst of the worst conditions.

At Nebraska Snow Removal, you’ll find a fully licensed snow removal company skilled in managing a wide variety of property types, including healthcare and medical facilities from hospitals and rehab centers to specialized treatment centers and nursing homes. Our highly trained and professional staff can keep your facility up and running throughout a winter storm.

We’ll work with you to develop your own individualized snow response plan designed specifically for your facility. We’ll build a plan around the needs and demands that are unique to your property to ensure you have the resources needed for any storm. Our comprehensive plans include pre-event preparation and post-event monitoring as well as unparalleled service throughout the snow and ice event. Nebraska Snow Removal also knows that predicting winter weather is never an exact science. Your snow response plan will include contingency plans to cover everything from a few inches to the storm of the century.

Beyond snow and ice removal, Nebraska Snow Removal can help your medical facility create a risk management plan to mitigate the cost of snow and ice related accidents. Facilities that remain open all hours may be at particular risk for a slip and fall incident in the midst of a winter storm. Nebraska Snow Removal has the resources and knowledge to help you manage your risk.

Nebraska Snow Removal can keep your medical facility running through the worst of the ice and snow. Contact us today to schedule a free property evaluation

Keys to Medical Facility Snow Removal

Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE: For healthcare facilities, there is a lot at stake when it comes to winter weather.  In this article, we’ll explore the unique challenges of managing snow and ice and provide some of our tips on medical facility snow removal from a contractor standpoint.

Depending on how large it is and where your facility is situated, many medical facilities are typically designed with a number of common features:


Everything rolls, from beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, rolling carts, you name it.  This means doorways are wide and can open automatically, and there are access ramps everywhere.  These ramps cannot be neglected or given second priority.  Even the slightest build-up of ice on a graded surface can lead to disastrous results.  Likewise, wide sidewalks need to be cleared to the fullest extent.


With healthcare costs skyrocketing, medical facilities are under tremendous pressure to reduce labor and logistics costs, from sharing of waiting rooms and other common areas to highly efficient loading docks.  And building access points often feature very high traffic, leading to choke points if the walkways are not clear.

Security / Segregation

From employee parking lots to restricted areas to the guard desk masquerading as an information station, hospitals have tight controls over who can go where and when.  Circulation controls mean that there are often discrete pathways for inpatient vs outpatient, and clean vs dirty.  Contractors not only need to be trustworthy, but also cognizant of what can and can’t go in certain areas.

24/7/365 operations

Employees staff medical facilities around the clock.  Parking lots never empty, and at certain times of the day there’s often nowhere to park.  Yet the snow needs to go.

Nebraska Snow Removal Snow Plow tackles medical facility snow removal challenges in stride.  We have vast experience in managing snow and ice for hospitals and rehab clinics, currently servicing multiple major facilities throughout Omaha NE and the surrounding suburbs.  We are vigilant about practicing zero-tolerance snow removal for critical pathways and parking areas.  And we’re especially adept at clearing snow from empty parking spaces prior to regular shift changes for maximum efficiency.

Your site needs to be accessible and operational at all times.  These are critical tasks, and you shouldn’t trust them just any snow plow company.  Leave the snow to us.

Keep your healthcare and hospital facilities safe and inviting for patients

Beautiful, clean grounds set the tone for patients and visitors.

Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE: Patients want to visit a facility that they believe will take good care of them. Their first impression starts way before the waiting room. It’s their walk into the building. The state of your parking lots and landscaping tells them whether they should feel positive or nervous about what’s to come.

Nebraska Snow Removal provides complete landscape management for over 65 hospital buildings, healthcare facilities, and assisted living facilities in Omaha NE. We stay focused on the safety and beauty of your facility and campus year-round, you can stay focused on providing the best patient experience.

What’s an Annual Medical Center Snow Removal Contract Cost?

A snow-covered winter wonderland may look beautiful until you have to leave your warm house and deal with a drifting driveway or walkway. Many homeowners shovel or use a snow blower on the white stuff themselves but can pay a price with health woes.

So how much does an annual snow removal contract cost? Here are a few factors that will influence the price.


Your drive’s size will affect the price of an annual snow removal contract.

Long or big drives. Expect to pay more for an especially long drive or the area for a four-car garage. Additionally, professionals typically charge more for dirt or gravel drives, as they take longer to clear and de-ice than concrete. If your drive slopes sharply down or is very curvy, you may have to pay for the extra time spent clearing the path.

Extras. Be sure to ask if anything else you want cleared sidewalks or walkways, for instance are included in the price.

Equipment used. The type of equipment your professional uses affects the contract price. Typically, the less time spent on your driveway, the less you will pay. Snow blowers take less time than shoveling but aren’t appropriate for tight, closed-in areas or certain surfaces. Make sure your contractor understands the specifics of your situation.

Response time. How long it takes a company to respond counts. You may pay more for a company with a fast response time versus paying less for a longer wait time.

Where you live. Snow removal costs also vary based on your area. If you’re in a climate likely to get a lot of snow, you can expect to pay more annually. However, you can also expect to lock in a reasonable per-clearing rate because there’s more work each season.

Other contracts can cover a specific number of clearings a season. If you need more than specified, expect to pay more for each added plowing.

Average contract price for snow removal

Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE: Angie’s List members who had annual snow removal contracts in 2013 reported paying an average of $378, with a general range of $341 to $415. These figures don’t reflect discounts many service providers offer to members.

According to Cost Helper, the cost for one worker to shovel or snow blower can cost between $25 to $75 an hour. The cost to hire a company to plow a standard driveway after a storm can run about $30 to $45 per storm.

Professional snow removal companies don’t need to be licensed in most states. However, it’s important to find a reliable contractor that you trust. Check Angie’s List for customer reviews. Ask friends and family members for recommendations.

Get estimates from at least three companies before signing a contract with the one that seems the most reliable for the price. You don’t want to get left high and dry during a snowstorm.


Medical Facility snow removal services near Omaha NE: Ideally, the contractor or an employee from the snow removal company should visit your property before the start of the season to determine what sort of snow removal conditions they would face and what equipment they would have to use. Some contractors charge per visit/push ($75) or per hour ($50-$100) while others may use an annual contract ($400-$600). If they charge by the hour, the type of equipment they use would determine your final price. The less time they have to spend, the less you will have to pay.

If it snows regularly where you live, you may want to sign an annual contract or at least for the entire season. Be prepared to pay a small refundable deposit (around $50), which you will get back at the end of the season.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Using reflectors (around $2 per piece) to clearly outline the driveway can help speed up the snow removal process.
  • Most snow removal companies will also remove snow from your roof for an extra $300-$500.
  • Some contractors include salting and sanding in their contracts, while others may charge you extra for performing these services. Typically, adding salt or chemicals to melt ice will cost you around $20-$40 per session.


What Medical streets are plowed whenever it snows?

For any snow event, our number one goal is to keep designated salt routes in good winter driving condition. Salt routes are bus routes, primary streets, arterial roadways and streets to and from hospitals and schools. These are the streets on which we apply salt and we send crews to work on these routes whenever it snows. Slippery spots on residential streets will be sanded as needed. City owned sidewalks and priority crosswalks are cleared as needed during regular working hours. Arterial bikeways are plowed as needed with a goal of having them cleared as soon as possible for commuters.

How do you decide what streets are on the main salt routes?

Only main arterials, thoroughfares, main connector streets, Metro bus routes, streets surrounding hospitals and schools and major hills and curves are salted.

Why don’t we plow and salt all the streets in the city, specifically secondary and residential streets?

The City of limits the amount of salt that is applied to its streets as an effort to protect its groundwater and the quality of the lakes. Only main arterials, thoroughfares, main connector streets, Metro bus routes, streets surrounding hospitals and schools and major hills and curves are salted. All other City of streets receive sand to act as an abrasive on hills, intersections and curves.

I only have on-street parking. Why do you always plow snow against my car?

Even though there are cars parked on the street, the plows must clear the traffic lanes of each of the streets. The snow is plowed to the right to where the curb is. Unfortunately for those people who park on the street, the snow is plowed up against the cars. That is why we ask that all cars try to find off street parking whenever there is snow accumulations of 3 or more and until streets are plowed.

What happens if there are less than 3 inches of snow on the streets?

All salt routes are plowed and salted during every measurable snow event regardless of the accumulation. Residential streets that are not salted are only plowed when snow accumulations reach the 3 level and the snow event has ended or has just about concluded. If the residential streets are not plowed, sand is applied at hills, intersections and curves to act as an abrasive to assist in braking.


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